Your new best friend

Javier (8271B)

When the spotlight is on Javier, he shines! This kid love attention. He gets along well with everyone, and when you meet him, you can tell he’s a friendly and affectionate guy – just look at that big smile! He may be a little shy when you first meet him, but when he trusts you, you have a new best friend in Javier.

When he gets lots of one-on-one attention, whether it’s coloring and drawing with his foster parents, or dancing to music (there isn’t a song Javier won’t dance to!) Javier will thrive. He needs a family who will spend time with him and happily do all the fun things Javier likes to do. If you let him, Javier could play outside all summer. Hands on activities like playing with toy trucks, or doing paper arts and crafts are what Javier likes most.


Like a lot of kids, Javier needs a family that can see his full potential. He’s a sweet kid, and needs patient parents who can create structure and routine, so he knows what to expect, which will help him feel safe. Javier deserves a family who will foster his strengths and abilities, and who will also assist him with learning the social skills he needs to be successful in life.

He will need parents who will take the time, and have the patience, to support him when he’s frustrated, and celebrate the little things that make Javier so great. It would be best for Javier if he were the only or youngest child in an adoptive home. Parents must understand the effects of trauma on a child, and be knowledgeable in parenting children with special needs.

Lake County

Birthday: 7/8/09

Child ID: 8271B

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