Loves meeting new people

Javier (8271B)

What Javier Loves

  • Playing Outside
  • Dancing
  • Football

Javier's Strengths

  • Sweet
  • Polite
  • Likes to meet new people

Javier's Family

  • He would do best as an only child in a two-parent household.
  • Javier will benefit from clear expectations and a regular routine. 

Javier is a happy and affectionate 10-year-old boy! He loves to play outside in the summer, especially in his wading pool. He enjoys dancing, playing football, drawing, and coloring. His favorite television show is “Paw Patrol.” Javier is a sweet and polite boy who likes to meet new people!

Javier would thrive in an active family that is patient and can encourage Javier to meet his full potential.  He will benefit from a family that can provide structure and set boundaries. Regular routines help him feel secure. (8271BIA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: 7/8/09

Child ID: 8271B

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