A master chef in the making

Jasmine (8871A)

Jasmine is a strong-willed and loving young lady! She is artistic and creative, recently joining her school’s ukulele club. She is a fan of reading and particularly enjoys the “Billie B. Brown” series.

She likes playing outside in the water or taking her roller skates out for a spin – but is quick to mention that she prefers being outside when there are no bees or other bugs around! (We agree – the outdoors can be so much more enjoyable without bees!)

Jasmine also likes watching the TV show “Master Chef” and trying to recreate the recipes with her foster family.


Jasmine would do well in a one- or two-parent household, provided at least one of the parents is female. She would prefer a home with at least one African-American parent, but would also thrive in a diverse community with members of different backgrounds. It would be best if she is the only child in the house, or at least the youngest by several years. Jasmine would like her own room so that she has somewhere quiet to go if she gets overstimulated. Jasmine does well with animals and enjoys taking care of dogs and cats. Parents should understand the impact trauma has on a child.

Monroe County

Birthday: November 2007

Child ID: 8871A

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