Horse lover with big dreams

Ja'Siah (9473)

Ja’Siah’s favorite thing in the entire world is definitely horses! She wants to ride them, watch movies about them, or color pictures of them! If there are horses involved, she’s absolutely there. She’s got big plans for the future and works hard in school so that she can either someday be a teacher or maybe a veterinarian. If she becomes a vet I bet you can guess which animal Ja’Siah will specialize in! She’s very into science and loves going to school and learning all sorts of new things.


Ja’Siah would do best in a two-parent household without other children so she gets plenty of attention. She would love a forever family that came with pets to play with and take care of. She is a great student so parents who make education a priority are ideal. She will thrive in a home with parents who encourage her goals and help her work towards them. She hopes for parents who make sure to talk her through issues and make her feel heard.

Madison County

Birthday: December 2011

Child ID: 9473

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