Yo-Yo enthusiast who also loves Batman

James (8264B)

James is shy at first, but very friendly and talkative once you get to know him. He is quite energetic and very inquisitive and insightful. James collects yo-yos and is very good at yo-yoing. James is mature for his age, and he does very well with structure. James enjoys comic books and his favorite superhero is Batman. He likes sports, enjoys playing basketball and football, and roots for the Chicago Bulls and the Indianapolis Colts. His favorite subjects in school are science and art. James loves to play video games.

If he could have three wishes, he would want an adoptive home, a “nice family,” and lots of candy. James wants a home that will take trips and perhaps go to the circus! What he wants others to know about him is that he is good at video games and good at yo-yo.

James needs a family that can provide love, attention, support, and supervision. He needs one or two parents who can advocate for his emotional well-being. James does well with male caregivers, so it would be best if there were a strong male role model in the family. He would do best as the youngest or only child in a home. James needs a lot of reassurance that he is loved and cared for. (8264BHC) Delaware County

Delaware County

Birthday: 8/11/07

Child ID: 8264B

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