Clever, energetic, and funny

James (8156A)

James is an intelligent, funny, and caring boy. He is very clever and he has a great memory. He is friendly and easy-going. James likes “every kind of animal, except for snakes, crocodiles, and spiders.” James is energetic, so he loves to run and play outside. James describes himself as, “nice and sometimes funny,” and he is “still thinking” about what he wants to be when he grows up.

James would benefit from being in a home where the caregivers are encouraging and nurturing. He would do well in a home with a strong male role model. James needs parents who will help him express his feelings and create a safe environment to do so. James would thrive in a home where he is able to participate in extracurricular and community events, and where the parents are actively involved and supportive of these endeavors. (8156ABD) Scott County

Scott County

Birthday: 8/11/03

Child ID: 8156A

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