A fun whirlwind of energy

Jake (9032)

Jake is a fun whirlwind of energy! He comes into the room and he wants to know exactly what’s going on. He’ll talk to kids, adults…whoever is around! He enjoys any hands-on activities such as playing with electronics or having fun with the family pets. He has a quick wit and will definitely make you laugh! Jake likes being the center of attention and appreciates when people pay attention to him, but he never lets that get in the way of his manners; he always says his “pleases” and “thank yous”! He is a big reader whether it’s reading books for fun or at school, where he excels. Some of his favorite things are Harry Potter, Pokemon, and most movies!

Jake would do best in a two-parent home and while he gets along very well with other children, his team would prefer a home with no other children so he can receive plenty of attention. He loves animals and would be delighted with a forever home that came with plenty of pets for him to play with. Parents will need to show patience, understanding, and make Jake feel loved and secure. He appreciates a routine so he knows what to expect day to day. He will thrive with parents who are active and want to play and engage in conversation with him. (9032DD) Gibson County

Gibson County

Birthday: 1/31/12

Child ID: 9032

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