Expressive and creative sisters

Jadeyn & Nyvaeh (8818AB)

Jadeyn and Nyvaeh are bright and talented sisters with a love of reading, writing, and storytelling. They are ambitious, creative, and expressive, and both have big dreams that they’re eager to make come true! Jadeyn wants to become a writer or a news anchor (or maybe a ballet dancer…or a movie director…so many choices!), and Nyvaeh’s got her heart set on being an attorney.

These sisters make for quite a pair: Jadeyn describes herself as joyful, while Nyvaeh is often described as quick-witted with a sharp sense of humor. Nyvaeh can be a little shy when you first meet her, but you’ll know she’s warmed up to you when she starts cracking jokes! Jadeyn’s penchant for positivity is evident when you sit down to pick a movie for movie night — it’s an emphatic no to the scary ones, and an enthusiastic yes to the happy family ones! Nyvaeh will join in for movie night, of course, but she’s equally as content reading a book or exploring YouTube for new music videos.

Jadeyn and Nyvaeh would do best in a two-parent household, and they both would very much like to have a mom and a dad. To them, adoption means a forever family and a new start — but anything new can take a while to feel comfortable, so they will need a family that is patient and committed as they transition into new surroundings. Jadeyn is quite social, and hopes her adoptive parents are easy to talk to and have a positive outlook on life. Parents will need to understand that Nyvaeh, being more shy than Jadeyn, may take longer to feel settled in a new home. Both girls will thrive in a home with structure and clear expectations, and with parents who follow through on what they say. They both love animals and would be delighted to be in a home with pets (Jadeyn’s favorite animal is a gorilla…so extra points if you’ve got one of those!).

Posey County

Birthdays: March 2005, November 2006

Child ID: 8818AB

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