Funny, helpful, and strong-willed

Jaden (8658)

Jaden knows what he likes – he doesn’t require a lot of variety in his hobbies, and prefers to stay inside and spend time on his prized new laptop. Though sometimes soft spoken, Jaden lights up when discussing his enjoyment of watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. When he isn’t watching Minecraft videos Jaden likes memorizing the lines of his favorite Ninja Turtles movies, and swimming at the local YMCA.

What Jaden looks forward to most are his favorite holidays (Christmas and Halloween) spent with his future family. However, he is excited for any type of parents, and he hopes to have an older sibling in the house so they can throw the football together!

Jaden would do best in a family with two parents who have previous experience working with youth from hard places. It’s important for Jaden to have parents who are calm, as Jaden needs to feel safe, like he can rely on his parents, and that he is a permanent part of a family.

Potential parents will need to have patience and understanding for Jaden’s need for order, routine, structure and his own space. He has thrived in environments where he can keep things orderly. A family should focus on building an encouraging, lasting relationship with Jaden. A potential family will need to commit to Jaden’s education, supporting him with whatever academic services he may need. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children. 

Lake County

Birthday: May 2007

Child ID: 8658

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