Funny, helpful, and strong-willed

Jaden (8658)

Jaden is a fun boy who likes to watch shows on Cartoon Network. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and he likes to play the LEGO Batman videogame. He enjoys doing arts and crafts, playing outside on the playground, and playing lots of sports! His favorite sport is football, and his favorite team is the Chicago Bears. Jaden is a sweet boy. He is funny, strong-willed, and likes things neat! He likes working out, lifting weights, and doing chores. He believes his friends would describe him as funny and helpful. Those who know Jaden say their favorite thing about him is his sense of humor.

Jaden would do best in a family with two parents who have previous experience working with traumatized youth. Jaden needs parents who can stay calm. Jaden needs to feel safe, like he can rely on his parents, and that he is a secure, permanent part of a family. Jaden will do best in a family that is structured, has clear boundaries and expectations, and is focused on building an encouraging, lasting relationship with Jaden. Jaden’s potential family will need to commit to keeping him in school, supporting him with whatever academic services he may need. (8658IA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: 5/11/07

Child ID: 8658

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