Sisters with a whole lot of energy

Jacquelyn, Mayci, and Paisley (9167ABC)

Energetic, with a good personality: that’s how Jacquelyn describes herself! Like a lot of teens, Jacquelyn likes spending her time on social media, and taking fun pictures. The two things she likes to do most? “Reading and talking loudly!”

Here are some of Jacquelyn’s favorites: her favorite book at the moment is “On the Fence.” Her favorite subject in school is band, and her favorite thing about herself is that she is good at playing flute. Though band may be her favorite subject, she’s also great at other classes, and her goal is to get all A’s this year. “I’m really working on it,” Jacquelyn says. In the future, Jacquelyn would like to be a photographer. If she could have three wishes, she would want 1. a dog and an iPhone (so she could take cute pictures of her dog) 2. to live in a neighborhood with a friend to talk to, and 3. to live in a huge house, with an adoptive mom and dad.

Every day is an adventure for Mayci, and she likes to show off her incredible imagination! She likes to play outside, and she’ll lead the way, and while might be a little bossy, it’s just because she knows what she wants, and is working on her natural leadership skills. One of her neat talents is Mayci knows how to stand on her head, and would be delighted to demonstrate! For fun, Mayci likes to watch movies and play with animals. Like her sister Jacquelyn, Mayci’s goal is to get good grades. If you ask her to pick her favorite color, she picks the rainbow! Here are some of Mayci’s favorites: her favorite movie is “The Princess Bride.” Her favorite foods are ice cream, chocolate, and candy. Her favorite subject is math. Mayci wants to live in the country with a mom and dad.

There is never a dull moment with Paisley! She is all about play: Playing with Barbies, playing with friends, it’s a busy life for her, but a lot of fun! This imaginative girl is energetic and loving. Her favorite color is yellow, just like her favorite food: mac and cheese. Paisley adores animals, and would love a pet “puppy and kitty.” Because she collects rocks and likes to swim, it’s no wonder Paisley would like to visit the beach one day!

These sisters will benefit from an adoptive family with a strong support system. Potential families need to have knowledge, or experience, in parenting children with trauma histories and behavioral challenges related to trauma. With that, they would benefit from parents who are calm and patient as it relates to parenting. Jacquelyn, Mayci, and Paisley would do well in an active family, where participation in school and extracurricular activities is encouraged.

Like a lot of kids, Jacquelyn, Mayci, and Paisley have some challenges that stem from their siblings rivalry. An adoptive family should encourage and support the sisters on the importance of sibling relationships. Jacquelyn thrives on one-on-one attention. Mayci is strong-willed, and will need adults in her life who can channel this energy in positive ways.

Orange County

Birthday: 9/27/07, 5/7/13, 8/19/15

Child ID: 9167ABC

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