A quiet jokester and master at Rubik's cubes

Jacob (9165)

This kid is so bright! Jacob is an intelligent boy, whose favorite subject is science. That love of knowing how things work will come in handy when Jacob is older, since he wants to be a marine biologist or an architect! He also has a big imagination, and likes to write and draw — and lately he’s really enjoyed reading the “Wings of Fire” books (how can you go wrong with dragons?!). And prepare to be amazed at how quickly he can figure out a Rubik’s cube! Although he can be a little shy at first, once Jacob gets to know you, he is super sweet, caring, and thoughtful. And even though he’s generally a quiet kid, Jacob has a hard time passing up an opportunity to play or tell a joke!

Jacob would do best in a two-parent family, but a single-parent home with strong supports will be considered. He’s been an only child, but could benefit from being around other children — and he loves animals, so if his new family has pets, that’s an added bonus! He would benefit from a strong male role model in his life, to help Jacob learn positive behaviors as he grows into a young man. Structured environments help Jacob thrive, as the consistency and order helps reduce his anxieties. Jacob has an extended family member he’s very close to, and it will be important for the adoptive family to understand the depth of that relationship and encourage it. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child, and should be well-versed or willing to be trained in trauma-informed care. 

Clark County

Birthday: 4/29/10

Child ID: 9165

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