Energetic and outgoing siblings and buddies

Ja'Carri & Ja'Layah (9183AB)

Ja’Carri and Ja’Layah are active, energetic children with a strong bond. Big brother Ja’Carri is always looking out for his little sister, and you can bet she’s looking up to him! Ja’Carri loves making new buddies wherever he goes – especially if they are into superheroes or playing in the sandbox. He thinks it’s great when he can make people around him laugh.

Outgoing and animated Ja’Layah delights in being center stage, especially if she can sing her favorite JoJo Siwa songs! They’re both fans of being outside, although Ja’Carri prefers to be shooting hoops while Ja’Layah wants to be going for a swim or on a hunt for a splash pad.

Ja’Carri and Ja’Layah would do best in either a single- or two-parent home, as long as the family is active and engaged with the children. They would both do well with other children in the home who are close to their age or older (think playmates and role models). Ja’Carri and Ja’Layah will thrive in a home that provides consistency and reliability, with parents who support and reassure them. Parents will need to encourage both children as they work to manage their big emotions. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children.

Elkhart County

Birthdays: 3/6/13, 12/6/15

Child ID: 9183AB

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