Strong sense of wonder

Isreal (8546)

Isreal is a funny, helpful young man. His favorite foods are anything spicy that you can eat at a Chinese buffet. For fun, Isreal enjoys playing video games, reading Harry Potter (he describes himself as a Harry Potter fanatic!), and playing sports such as basketball and football. He also collects Dragonball Z cards. Isreal likes to stay active, and enjoys basketball and football. If he could go anywhere in the world, Isreal would like to go to Hawaii to see the ocean and volcanoes. Isreal’s favorite things about himself are that he is “funny and smart!” What others like about Isreal is his sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around him. Isreal is hopeful, and has a strong desire to be adopted.

Isreal needs a two-parent family, or a single parent who has a strong support system. He does best when he receives lots of attention, so it would be best if he were an only child. Isreal does not like to be bored, so he would do well with an active family. Individual time with parenting figures will be calming for Isreal. Parents who are accessible, patient, calm, and predictable will help Isreal to thrive. He does well in environments where close supervision and structure are provided. (8546) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: December 2004

Child ID: 8546

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