Hoping for home-cooked meals as a family

Ismael and Ayvia (9055BC)

Ismael is an artistic young guy with hobbies that range from music to drawing to sports! He’s a hard worker and hopes to have his own job someday. He likes working around the house whether it’s cleaning or helping to prepare a nice home cooked meal! He’s definitely a gamer and a lot of nights you can find him playing games like Fortnite. With Ismael’s big imagination and creativity, it’s no wonder that another fun time for him is getting to set up elaborate Lego displays! He’s a real binge watcher and goes between shows like The Office and Stranger Things frequently.

Ayvia is a girl who appears shy at first, but she warms up very quickly! She loves music, singing, and dancing and just hanging out with her friends having a good time. She has to look her best so making sure her outfit and nails are on-point is very important! She would rather be doing something than sitting around so she loves extracurricular activities and helping out around the house. She is a sports fan and has been getting better and better at gymnastics! Ayvia is a tough cookie and not afraid to stand up for herself or the things she believes in!

Ismael and Ayvia would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. It would be preferable that they were the only children in the home to ensure they receive maximum attention. Both would be happy in a forever home that came with pets. They would thrive in a family that does activities together or sits down to a family meal most days. Parents who can help push the kids to succeed in school are ideal. Parents need to be able to display appropriate behaviors and conflict resolution skills. The children would prefer a home that can help them connect with their Hispanic background. They have a third sibling with whom contact would need to be maintained. (9055BCDD) Vanderburgh County

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: 8/24/05, 6/23/07

Child ID: 9055BC

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