A budding pianist who loves baking cakes

Ishaylah (9026)

Ishaylah is a bundle of sunshine who makes friends everywhere she goes! She’s a real “people person” and loves participating in groups at her church or school. In church she particularly enjoys the singing and music – especially the drums and guitars. She’s even working on learning to play the piano herself! In addition to perfecting her piano playing, she’s learning to master the kitchen and will tell you that she makes delicious chocolate and angel food cakes. Ishaylah really wants to help people when she gets older, which is why she wants to be either a doctor or maybe a children’s mental health therapist. If she had three wishes she’d ask to be able to swim every day, for an unlimited supply of walking tacos (her favorite!), and for a pink Lamborghini when she gets a little older!

Ishaylah would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home, but would be the most comfortable if at least one of the parents was a woman. She really hopes to have a mom so they can work on braiding hair together. She does well with other children, but there shouldn’t be older boys in the home; she would love to have a little sister she can look after. In a perfect world, Ishaylah wants a forever home with a little sister, a dog, and a swimming pool…but she’d settle for a cat. She will thrive with structure, consistency, and predictability along with compassion, nurture, and understanding. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9026IA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: 7/21/08

Child ID: 9026

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