Quite the comedian

Isaiah (8664)

Isaiah is creative, smart, and loves to play outside. He is very talented at creating and building things. He has a great imagination! Isaiah enjoys building with LEGOs and playing video games. Isaiah can be quite the comedian, and he often tries to make others laugh. Isaiah has participated in martial arts, and he thinks he would like to try it again. He enjoys playing sports, and football and basketball are his favorites. Isaiah is also interested in taking up skateboarding. Isaiah is a charming young man, and is eager to be a part of a family.

Isaiah needs an adoptive family that is willing to be persistent, consistent, and can offer Isaiah permanency. Isaiah does best with defined boundaries and structure. Parents will need to be patient as Isaiah transitions into an adoptive home. Isaiah needs parents who understand how trauma can affect a child. (8664HC) Decatur County

Decatur County

Birthday: 7/4/06

Child ID: 8664

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