Wants to be outside all the time

Isaac (9442)

Isaac would spend all day outside if he could! Whether it’s sports or just playing, if he can be out in the sunshine he’s having a great day! He enjoys his science classes in school and especially likes learning about chemicals and animals; he hopes to become a marine biologist someday. Isaac appreciates animals of all kinds, not just the aquatic ones, and would love to find a home with puppies or maybe a hedgehog to play with!

Isaac would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with brothers or sisters; he does particularly well with younger children and babies. He does best with a set schedule and routine that doesn’t change day to day. He hopes for parents who like to stay as active as him and who do things together. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Bartholomew County

Birthday: July 2012

Child ID: 9442

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