A quick learner who likes doing a good job

Isaac (8817B)

Isaac is an extremely smart guy, and a quick learner — so be prepared to keep up! Lately, he’s been learning magic tricks, which he loves to show off to amaze his audience. (Don’t worry, though: no bunnies have disappeared…yet!) He delights in doing a great job at his tasks, and takes pride in the work he does. Those who know Isaac describe him as sweet and funny.

When he’s not learning new magic tricks, Isaac can usually be found playing basketball or riding bikes with the kids in the neighborhood. His dream is to go to IU and play basketball on their team — a lofty goal that we know this quick learner can meet if he sets his mind to it! If you’re up for a board game, “Sorry!” is his favorite at the moment; if you want to watch a movie, he’ll probably try to cajole you into watching “Holes” (which is also his favorite book). 

Isaac would be successful in a two-parent family that is structured and calm. He does well with routine and he would benefit from having a strong male role model. It would be best if Isaac could be the youngest or only child in the home. He needs a family that can be loving and patient and teach him how to trust. Trauma-informed parents would be beneficial to Isaac. Isaac does well with animals. (8817B) Montgomery County

Montgomery County

Birthday: October 2007

Child ID: 8817B

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