Talented creator

Heaven (9615)

Heaven loves to be online and is becoming a real content creator! She works hard on videos she posts on TikTok and likes showing off all the new dances and trends! She watches a lot of YouTube so she always knows what’s cool and upcoming.

She also enjoys being offline and hanging out reading some of her favorite books or working on her art! She loves art and has a big collection of drawings and paintings she’s done. She’s at her happiest when she’s getting to create something new!

Heaven would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would love a forever home with a brother or sister. She loves animals and hopes for a forever home that comes with pets. She will do best with a patient transition into a forever home. She does best in a structured environment with clear expectations and boundaries. Parents who make education a priority and can bond with her over creative works are ideal.

Vigo County

Birthday: June 2010

Child ID: 9615

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