Fun-loving brothers with lots of energy

Hayden & Daylin (9196 and 9197)

Hayden is a boy with tons of energy! This happy and fun boy loves sports, especially baseball and football. His favorite times in school are either gym or recess when he gets to play games. When he’s not playing outside, Hayden is usually playing video games, or building things like model cars. Hayden likes animals and would love to have a husky or German Shepherd. He is very friendly and he makes friends wherever he goes. What Hayden loves most about himself is how playful he is. The best days are when he and his buddies get to play games together!

Daylin is a kind boy who looks out for others! He likes being a good role model for younger children and always plays well with them. If you’re looking to laugh and have fun, then you got to spend more time with Daylin. He is a real athlete and if you want to play any sports, Daylin is your guy. He’d be happy to shoot hoops with you. When he’s not running around outside you can usually find him playing video games, or watching movies – scary movies are his favorite. Daylin is also a Pokémon enthusiast, and hopes to find the most rare Pokémon someday so he can add it to his collection. He is a big fan of animals but he especially loves cats, particularly if it’s a cat that likes to hang out and get a bunch of pets all day!

Hayden and Daylin hope for a family that comes with brothers and sisters. It would be ideal if they had parents who are organized and who provide consistent, reliable rules and expectations. They will thrive with parents who are proactive and work to ensure their needs are met. Hayden and Daylin would do well with parents who will dote on them, but are also able to stay calm and patient when the boys struggle with their emotions. Parents should be willing to take on any educational needs they may have. These boys are easy to like, and need a family where they can feel secure and loved.

Owen County

Birthday: August 2010, April 2012

Child ID: 9196, 9197

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