Will work for free popcorn

Harold (8679)

The best thing about Harold is how friendly he is! He’s easy to talk with, engaging, and just an all-around pleasant guy. Harold enjoys being outside, especially if he can be running about or riding his bike. He likes school (how many kids can you say that about?!), and is well liked by his teachers and classmates.

Aside from being outside enjoying the fresh air, Harold’s favorite activities are drawing, playing on his Nintendo DS, and playing tag. A self-described “old soul,” Harold enjoys the music of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles. But what Harold really wants is to work at a movie theater, so he can eat popcorn and watch movies! (Those are pretty good perks!)

Harold is eager to be adopted, and hopes to have a kind, nice family that will play with him. He needs adoptive parents who are committed to being his forever parents, and can advocate for him. Harold would do best in a family that is patient and can provide stability. Consistency is key for Harold, and he does well when he’s in a predictable environment. 

It would be best for Harold to be in a two-parent family, with parents who are accessible and able to provide supervision. It would also be best if there are no other children in the home, although families with adult children will be considered. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Clay County

Birthday: February 2005

Child ID: 8679

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