An artist with a stellar attitude

Harmony (9506)

The people who know Harmony the best will tell you she’s got a great attitude and loves supporting others! She wants to help lift up everyone around her, whether she’s helping them with school work or giving them one of her amazing drawings! She’s very artistic and enjoys spending an afternoon sketching faces and you’ll be blown away by the details she pulls out. Harmony is always listening to music and has some of the best taste out there! She’ll happily put together your very own playlist if you let her. You can often find her dancing around singing along to her favorite songs! She likes to relax by watching anime or her favorite streamers on YouTube!

Harmony would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would prefer at least one of the parents to be a woman. A forever home that came with a sibling or two would be just fine for Harmony but they need to be a couple years older so she gets plenty of one-on-one attention. She hopes for parents who want to do things together as a family whether it’s a local shopping trip or going on a family vacation. She does best with routine and structure and expectations that don’t change day to day. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Lake County

Birthday: March 2007

Child ID: 9506

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