In search of more good memories

Harley (9284B)

Harley is a happy little lady who loves making memories! She has so many good memories she can’t pick just one as her favorite — but she can’t wait to make more! She’s happiest  outdoors when she gets to run around and play — and that happiness meter spikes if she gets to go to a park or swimming! Harley likes to play house and she has a few LOL Surprise dolls she dresses up and puts right to work!

Very verbal and adept at advocating for what she needs, Harley shares her thoughts and feelings easily. Usually, those are accompanied by giggles, because just about everything makes her laugh! She adores fairly tales and will always ask for someone to read her “just one more” before bed.  

Harley would do best in a two-parent home without other children; if there are other children, they should be older by a few years so she gets plenty of attention. She does best in a calm, structured environment with rules and expectations that don’t change often. Her faith is important to her, so she would prefer a family that goes to church regularly. Harley has siblings with whom she is close; it will be important to maintain those connections. Interested families should understand how trauma can impact a child

Grant County

Birthday: Feb. 2013

Child ID: 9284B

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