Loves animals, reading, and music

Hailey (9235)

Hailey is a young lady who loves to learn — she’s a real bookworm! She wants to figure out how all sorts of different things work — that’s why her science is definitely her favorite class in school. You get to do hands-on experiments and get moving around the classroom rather than listening to a lecture? Sign her up!

Hailey has an amazing singing voice and she hopes to keep working on her talent to see where it might end up taking her someday. She adores animals and if she doesn’t find a career in music, she hopes to someday be able to work with animals so she’s surrounded by them all day everyday!

Hailey would do best in a two-parent home and doesn’t have a preference on gender. She would also love a forever family that came with a younger brother or sister. Hailey knows she’d be a great big sister and help set a good example for any younger children in the home.

She will thrive in an environment where she’s provided plenty of love and support with parents who make her feel like a priority. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Marion County

Birthday: March 2005

Child ID: 9235

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