Playful girl who loves horses

Hailey (8502)

You’ll never be bored with Hailey! She’s a ton of fun to be around, and describes herself as playful and outgoing. A perfect day for Hailey is spent outside swimming, or doing hair and nails with family and friends.

Hailey is very imaginative, and enjoys singing and dancing, especially to her favorite pop singer Ava Max! She’s even tried to make up her own songs. You can also catch her practicing drawing, or getting lost in a good book. She must be California Dreaming because if she could go anywhere in the world, Hailey wants to take a trip to Malibu!

Horses are Hailey’s favorite animal, and she hopes to be adopted by a family that stables them. She would like to be involved in horseback riding someday, and is considering a career in equine therapy. A family will need to supervise Hailey around animals, but she cares deeply for them. Hailey is respectful and talented, and her biggest wishes are to live with a family and have her own horse.

Hailey would do well in a home with a single mother or two parents. She needs a family where there is structure and support. Hailey would like a family that is calm and reassuring. If there are animals in the home, Hailey will need proper supervision. Hailey needs strong parents who will advocate for her needs and love her unconditionally. Parents must be patient, nurturing, and have an understanding of how trauma affects children.

Putnam County

Birthday: July 2006

Child ID: 8502

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