Thrives with encouragement and support

Hagan (8670)

If you like a show, then you’re going to like Hagan! This guy thrives in the spotlight. He’s high energy and just wants to have fun. He likes building with LEGOs, especially the Batman set. Minecaraft is his favorite video game, and he has an interest in technology. When it’s time to play a game, Hagan wants to play Pokemon or Candyland. Outside, he likes to play on the swings or ride his scooter or skateboard.

Meeting new people comes easily to Hagan, and he enjoys spending time with adults. He’s imaginative and can be a blast to talk to! In his down time, Hagan enjoys being read a good story. Over and over again, we hear how sweet and affectionate Hagan is.

Hagan would benefit from parents with experience in parenting youth with trauma histories. He will do best with two parents who can provide supervision and set consistent expectations. His family will need to be calm, nurturing, and encouraging. Being is the youngest or only child in the home would be best for Hagan.

As he grows older, Hagan will need continued educational and emotional support, so it is important that any family is ready to make a life-long commitment. Hagan needs a family that is close-knit, eats meals together, plays games, and can share new experiences with him. What Hagan wants most is a family that loves him.

Wells County

Birthday: August 2008

Child ID: 8670

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