Playful and fun-loving artist

Grainger (8638)

Grainger is a loving and affectionate boy! The activities he enjoys the most are drawing and watching Disney movies. He is a talented artist who can draw many things from memory – sometimes he only has to see something once and then can draw it perfectly! Grainger also likes sensory activities, like jumping on the trampoline, swimming, and relaxing with a weighted blanket — these are comforting and regulating to Grainger. He enjoys singing – so be prepared for some karaoke sing-offs! Grainger is a playful, fun-loving boy who is in tune with his environment and has made significant strides in being able to communicate his needs and wants (and those will most certainly include fruit and peanut butter, his two favorite foods!).

Grainger thrives with structure and one-on-one attention. He does well with adults, and would do best in a two-parent home as the youngest or only child. His forever family should have experience with children with special needs, or be willing to gain the necessary education and training. Parents must be prepared to provide abundant emotional attention, and be patient with a slow transition into the home. Grainger needs a family that is caring and nurturing, and will advocate for his educational, emotional, and potential medical needs. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child throughout their life. (8638) Henry County

Henry County

Birthday: August 2005

Child ID: 8638

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