Rather be in the water

Gavin (9636)

An active young man, Gavin loves to swim and play sports. He’d probably say his favorite sport is swimming, and if you’ve ever tried to get him out of a pool, you’d know why: he’d rather be in the water than anywhere else! Basketball, fishing, archery are all activities Gavin is good at and enjoys – and since he loves to be outside and active, he’s always up for learning a new sport.

Gregarious with a big laugh, Gavin is a loving kid who shows he cares by sharing his things and giving lots of hugs. He’s quick and smart with puzzles, and likes figuring things out for himself. He appreciates when adults acknowledge his accomplishments, and thrives on positive reinforcement.

Gavin would do best in a home without other children, so that his family can provide him with plenty of supervision, attention, and support. If there are other children in the home, it would be best if they are older than Gavin and do not have high needs. He would prefer, and would likely to do best, in a home with two parents. Single parents may be considered, but would need to have strong supports in place. Positive attention and reinforcement are very beneficial to Gavin; his adoptive family should be proactive about providing him with positive support to build a foundation of trust.

It may take Gavin some time to trust that a family will provide for him and meet his needs; parents will need to be patient as he may test boundaries while developing this trust level.
Gavin very much wants to be in a family where he feels secure and safe. He needs to know that even if his behavior seems unlovable at times, he is loved and wanted. Gavin is very close to his sister and her family, and that relationship should be encouraged. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children, and should be willing to learn additional parenting strategies to help Gavin heal and move forward.

Grant County

Birthday: April 2015

Child ID: 9636

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