Active, karate-loving boy

Gabriel (9288)

Gabriel is a smart guy who accomplishes everything he puts his mind to! If you give him an hour and a box full of LEGOs he’ll come up with something amazing that will impress you every time. He loves the outdoors and if can spend the day outside running around having fun he’s had a pretty great day! Gabriel has been attending karate lately and he loves it! He’s learning all sorts of cool moves he’s happy to (safely) demonstrate! He likes the discipline that karate requires and all the exercise he gets.

Gabriel would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and while he would do best as an only child so he gets plenty of attention, he’d love an older brother or sister to look up to. He will thrive in a home with lots of love and patience with parents who put in an effort to communicate and talk things through. He does best in an environment full of consistency and routine so he knows what to expect day to day.

Miami County

Birthday: July 2012

Child ID: 9288

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