Enthusiasm for life and helping others

Gabe (8705A)

Gabe is a spirited young man! He likes spending his time outside, climbing trees, riding his bike, and jumping on the trampoline. He’s definitely got a lot of energy and likes to channel his attention into as many things as possible! In his down time, he likes to watch television, listen to music, or play games on his tablet. Gabe likes to laugh, and has a good sense of humor. He really enjoys helping others, works hard to do the right thing, and is very loyal to family and friends. Gabriel is a creative child, with his drawings and activities, and even with his favorite food: pepperoni and pineapple pizza! Gabe loves his pizza — but is also pretty content with macaroni and cheese, green beans, ice cream, or fried rice. 

The ideal family for Gabe would be either a single parent with support, or a two-parent family with a mother and father. It would be best if Gabe is the only child in the home, or at least the youngest by several years. Gabriel needs stability in a family, and needs to be showered in attention, support, and encouragement. It is important that an adoptive family understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. Adoptive parents should be able and willing to advocate for any future emotional, education, or medical needs that Gabe may have.


Dearborn County

Birthday: 6/22/09

Child ID: 8705A

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