Dreams of being a chef

Frederick (8771)

Frederick is funny, polite, charming, and friendly! He likes to be active and have fun. Frederick enjoys riding his bike, jump roping, and hula hooping, and racing. He says no one can beat him in a race! He loves Pokemon, and wishes he could have a real Pokeball and Pokedex! Frederick hopes to be a chef someday. His favorite foods are tacos and pepperoni pizza.

Frederick needs a family that can be patient and provide a calm, predictable, safe home environment. He would do well in a family with one or two parents who understand how trauma affects children. Frederick would thrive being an only or youngest child in a family so he can receive a great deal of parental attention. It would be best for Frederick to be involved in activities and spend quality time together with a family, doing activities that they all enjoy together. (8771IA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: 2/8/09

Child ID: 8771

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