Loves astronomy & being the center of attention

Freddie (9388C)

Whenever you need a laugh, try to find Freddie! They’ve got a million jokes to keep you laughing and they also know all the best memes or Vines to share with people! They’re proud of how funny they are and love keeping people entertained — they’re definitely not shy about being the center of attention. They do a ton of after school clubs and really enjoy getting to try all sorts of fun new things week to week! They’re a huge Star Wars fan — which has led to a love of astronomy, and a crazy-cool knowledge of so many constellations. Social, smart, and articulate, Freddie knows how to have fun, but also knows when they need quiet space to just chill.

Freddie would do well in either a one- or two-parent home and would love a forever home that came with brothers or sisters. Freddie has expressed an interest in having a two-parent family with a mother and father. Also, if the family has cats and/or birds, that’s an added bonus – they’re Freddie’s favorite pets (though dogs are okay in their book too!). They’re very active and hope for parents who like to do things together as a family. They are very bonded to their siblings, and it is important that Freddie be encouraged to maintain a relationship with them after adoption. Parents who take an interest in their hobbies and want to cheer them on are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Madison County

Birthday: Sept. 2009

Child ID: 9388C

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