Loves to roller skate

Fitzi (9155)

If you go to the roller rink, you’re bound to find Fitzi! He loves to roller skate, and worked hard doing chores and gardening to save money to buy his own pair of skates. He tries real hard at everything he puts his mind to.

He likes to stay active in other ways: Fitzi likes to swim, and throw the football with his friends. If he’s stuck inside, he likes to play video games, laser tag, and watch movies with his foster siblings. But, Fitzi also has a musical side to him, and he wants to learn to play the guitar! Fitzi can be guarded when you first meet him, but as he gets to know you and trust you, he opens up. What Fitzi likes best about himself is he loves and cares about others.

Fitzi needs a two-parent family that is supportive and positive, and won’t give up on him. The parents will need to be patient, and show him lots of love, but also have clear boundaries and expectations. He likes rewards for his hard work (and Fitzi is a hard worker!), and would benefit from parents who will encourage this in Fitzi. He’ll need parents who will advocate for his education, and support him in his studies. An adoptive family should be aware of how trauma can affect a child throughout their life.

Porter County

Birthday: March 2012

Child ID: 9155

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