Loves mashed potatoes and math, but not social studies or sushi

Everett (8369A)

Everett describes himself as “funny and nice” – he enjoys making others laugh, and can be quite a comedian! He’s an active kid, and especially enjoys playing basketball and football. But when he needs some down time, Everett also likes playing board games and video games.  He is a big fan of mashed potatoes, but is not so enthusiastic about sushi! His favorite thing about himself is that he’s smart…oh, and that he “knows how to play basketball.” He might want to be a professional basketball player when he grows up – but he also thinks being a Navy SEAL would be neat. If he could go anywhere in the world, Everett would like to visit Alaska – because he’s never been, and he likes the snow. (Those are pretty good reasons!) Everett is a loving and enthusiastic boy. 

Everett would do well in either a single-parent home with support or a two-parent family. He will thrive in an environment that is calm and with a family that shows patience and dedication, especially in the transition to a forever home. It is important for Everett to be in a violence-free, drug-free home, with role models who can teach him how to resolve conflict without anger. He needs parents who are committed to advocating for his behavioral and educational needs over time. It is important that an adoptive family understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. (8369A) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: April 2005

Child ID: 8369A

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