Minecraft, Madden, and magic tricks

Evan (8817A)

Evan is a young man with a big heart! He loves football and hopes to make his school’s team this year, if he could pick his position he’d want to be a right tackle so he can help protect the quarterback. He’s always looking out for people! Since he’s been putting time in at the gym and getting stronger every day, we’re sure he’ll excel! Evan is not just athletically inclined, he’s got some real music talent as well. He wants to learn to play guitar but he’s already got a great singing voice that he loves to show off. He’s getting more comfortable in the kitchen and learns new, healthy recipes every day he uses to be in the best shape he can be for football!

Evan is independent and strong, but he will need a home that will help him have a childhood. He will need strong role models to teach him rules, trust, and healthy relationships. Evan would do well in a two-parent home with a family who is loving and understanding. He needs a family who will not give up on him, one who is persistent and committed. Evan is good with younger children, and he likes to read and play with them. He would also do well in a home with pets. Evan needs a family that understands how trauma affects a child throughout the child’s life.

Montgomery County

Birthday: January 2006

Child ID: 8817A

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