Independent and a bit mischievous

Emmanuel (8662A)

Emmanuel loves monster trucks, go-carts, dirt bikes, and Hot Wheels. He likes to play pool with his friends or play games on his iPad. He also enjoys playing with fidget spinners. He is mischievous, but also desires to be helpful and important. He is independent and loves to make art, play games, climb trees, and play Frisbee. Emmanuel thrives with structure and consistency.

He would do well in a single- or two-parent home that is resourceful and engaged in community resources. Emmanuel would do well with other children in the home and animals. It helps him to have time to process directions or information, so that he can be prepared to respond. A family that understands trauma can help him overcome challenges. The transition into a new home will need to be slow and deliberate, with plenty of patience, so that the family can build a strong, lasting bond with Emmanuel. 

Allen County

Birthday: December 2004

Child ID: 8662A

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