Kindhearted teen who takes care of others

Emarin (9309)

Emarin is a kindhearted, smart teen who always put others before herself! She loves taking care of people and she always stands up for the people she cares about. Outgoing and personable, Emarin enjoys making new friends, and she makes it look easy! She does well in school — she’s especially excited to take some fun classes in school like French, because she wants to learn the language and more about French culture. Emarin lets her creative side shine through pottery and painting. This versatile young lady also enjoys whipping up dinner from time to time, maybe with a little Elvis or Michael Jackson playing in the background! 

Emarin would do best in a two-parent home, and would like to be an only child. But, she’s also open to having younger siblings that she could help mentor. She will thrive in an environment of patience and understanding with parents who take the time to get to know her. Like most teenagers, Emarin is independent and wants to know that her thoughts and opinions matter. Parents who can offer structure and routine are ideal, but they should also be flexible enough to help Emarin identify opportunities to further her own growth. She would like to live in a city or suburb instead of the country, and would like to maintain some contact with her sister. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.


Marion County

Birthday: July 2006

Child ID: 9309

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