Dreams of being a policeman or firefighter

Elyjah (8572A)

Elyjah describes himself as a happy person, especially if he has someone to play with. When Elyjah grows up, he want to be a policeman or a firefighter. If he could have three wishes, he would want unlimited candy, an Xbox, and to become a superhero. Basketball is his favorite sport and Michael Jordan is his favorite player of all time. He would love to decorate his room with red basketballs everywhere! Elyjah loves rap music, pepperoni pizza, and going to church to learn about God. Elyjah likes to read, and would love to have a cat named Rollie Pollie someday.

Elyjah would do well in a family that can provide structure, routine, and stability. Two-parent families and single parents with a strong support system will be considered. Elyjah thrives on encouragement and positive feedback. Families who like to stay active and connected to their community would benefit Elyjah. Parents with experience in trauma-informed care would be helpful in Elyjah’s growth and future. Elyjah’s team will consider inquiries from in-state families at this time. (8572ASG) Marion County

Marion County

Birthday: 8/22/09

Child ID: 8572A

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