Puzzle solver extraordinaire

Elnora (9657)

Ellie loves people and treasures the relationships she has with everyone! She’s a great helper and tries to lend a hand to anyone she can! She’s very creative and enjoys spending time doing art or making bracelets she gives out as gifts. She likes to work her brain out so she can’t get enough of puzzles or mazes! Music is one of the most important things to Ellie and is always on the lookout for new songs. If there are swings around, you know where she’ll be, she would swing all day if she could!

Ellie would do best in a two-parent home without other children so she gets plenty of attention. She will thrive with parents who show patience with the transition and make her feel understood and heard. She loves attention so parents who can give her plenty of one-on-one time are ideal. She hopes for parents who model appropriate coping skills and who can provide consistent expectations and structure.

Washington County

Birthday: March 2013

Child ID: 9657

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