Role model with heart for animals and others

Elizabeth (8992)

Elizabeth is a sweet, caring girl who always looks out for those around her! She has a huge soft spot for children and animals and really hopes to become a big sister someday. She wants to be a role model and someone they can look up to! Being an animal lover, she hopes to one day be able to volunteer at the local Humane Society so that she can look after all the puppies and kitties who need love. If she had one wish to use on anything, it would be that no children or animals ever get neglected or abused again. Elizabeth is intelligent and determined, and she works hard to achieve her goals. She is usually on the honor roll in school and with the right family supporting her, she can do anything she wants!

Elizabeth would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home but at least one of the parents needs to be a woman. She adores children and pets so a home that comes with both would be ideal. She has family that she needs to stay connected with so interested should place an importance on familial bonds. Faith is important to Elizabeth so a family that attends church would be great, or at least one that supports her church activities. When given unconditional love and support, she will thrive. Families should be able to provide firm, but consistent boundaries. Having her own space will help her settle into a forever home.

Jay County

Birthday: 8/31/05

Child ID: 8992

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