Looking for "outlets for happiness!"

Elijah (9367)

Elijah is a smart, fun guy who prides himself on being a quick learner and loves expressing himself! He’s very musically-inclined and is often singing or dancing along to his favorite songs. He’s excited to visit New York City one day and experience Broadway. He likes to relax by working on his sewing skills and he’s getting pretty good! Elijah knows his way around the kitchen and has been baking up some pretty tasty treats lately. In his words, activities like sewing and baking are fun “outlets for happiness!” He’s a big movie buff and he’ll watch anything that makes him laugh or gives him a good scare! He wants prospective families to know that he is helpful, kind, and caring.

Elijah would do best in a two-parent home and would love a forever family that comes with brothers or sisters. He likes a lot of attention so parents who make time for one-on-one attention are ideal. He hopes for parents who display patience and understanding, and are accepting of him for who he is. Like many youth his age, Elijah has a desire to be understood and heard, and to be involved in decisions that impact his future. He has older siblings and other extended family with whom he should remain in contact. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Lake County

Birthday: January 2009

Child ID: 9367

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