Three brothers who love sports

Eliah, Manning, and Peyton (9140ABC)

Follow the leader, it’s Eliah! He’s a natural leader and gifted athlete. He’s a strong cross-country runner, and volunteers as a junior leader at his local Boys & Girls club. Some of the things Eliah likes best are a good home-cooked meal, playing video games, watching movies, and sports. He’s a thoughtful kid and gets along well with others.

Manning cares, and that’s what’s great about him! He gets along well with others, and likes to spend time with friends at the Boys & Girls Club. For fun, Manning likes to read series books, play baseball, and play video games. He also really enjoys camping with his brothers.

Peyton is a natural athlete who enjoys baseball and wrestling. But when he’s not on the field, he likes to play video games or go camping with his brothers. Some of his favorite things are playing with friends, and eating a good home-cooked meal!

The best family will take all three boys: Eliah, Manning, and Peyton. These boys thrive with structure, and there should be clear expectations and boundaries in place. They respond well to affection, but know to respect firm rules set in place. It’s important that parents maintain authority, but are supportive of Eliah, Manning, and Peyton.

As the boys become teenagers, it is important that potential parents have some parenting experience that will support the family through the challenges of raising teens. All three boys are quite athletic, and would benefit being in extracurricular activities like sports (but not only sports…Manning, for one, is in the choir and really enjoys it!).

Wells County

Birthday: 9/3/06, 12/20/07, 11/29/09

Child ID: 9140ABC

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