Caring brothers with eclectic tastes

Eleazar, Adrian, & Jonathan (9066ABC)

Eleazar, Adrian, and Jonathan are active, athletic brothers with eclectic tastes and huge hearts! They all enjoy making those they care about feel loved and taken care of. Eleazar is a funny guy whose interests range from sports to art to music. He has played running back on his school’s football team, and also enjoys wrestling and track. To get his creative juices flowing, Eleazar enjoys making music; he’s even produced his own song on SoundCloud! He also has a newfound interest in welding.

Adrian looks out for people, and he will always stand up to a bully! He has artistic aspirations and loves to draw, design, or come up with cool creations in the kitchen. Adrian likes to stay active by skateboarding. When it’s time to relax, he enjoys watching different Bob Ross painting shows online.

Jonathan is a helpful guy who is always the first to offer to help with chores. He knows his way around the kitchen and likes to bake! Jonathan has done a bunch of hilarious videos on TikTok. He enjoys playing games like Monopoly and badminton!

Eleazar, Adrian, and Jonathan would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home and would be happy in a forever home that came with brothers and sisters. They will thrive with parents who take an interest in them and their hobbies and show support when they do activities. Families should be willing to make education a priority. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9066ABC) Elkhart County

Eleazar (1/7/04)

  • Plays running back on his school’s football team
  • Enjoys all things musical!
  • Also likes wrestling and track

Adrian (9/24/05)

  • Likes to skateboard
  • An artist at heart who enjoys Bob Ross videos
  • Always stands up to bullies

Jonathan (12/12/06)

  • Enjoys baking sweet treats
  • Quite the entertainer on TikTok
  • Very helpful young man

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