Great student who stands up for others

Elania (9124C)

Elania, who goes by Lanie, is a girl with a huge heart who is always helping people! She can’t stand bullying and will stand up for the underdog every time. If she sees a situation where she thinks someone is being treated unfairly she will step in every time to help out! Lanie is a great student and loves to learn, especially when it comes to animals, she hopes to one day become a vet!

Lanie would do best in a two-parent home. She has siblings not in recruitment with whom maintaining a strong bond is a must. She will thrive with parents who can provide stability and structure. She needs someone to push her to achieve her goals while providing unconditional love and support. Lanie needs virtual visits and then on-ground visitation before a transition can take place. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Henry County

Birthday: 8/17/09

Child ID: 9124C

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