Great student who stands up for others

Elania (9124C)

Elania, who goes by Lanie, is sweet, respectful, and looks out for everyone she loves! If there’s one thing she wants you to know about her, it’s that she’s kind (you definitely won’t get any arguments here!). She puts others before herself and always tries to make sure that the people she cares about know it. Lanie likes to show her thoughtfulness for others through little artistic gifts she’s created. And, since she can’t stand bullying, Lanie will stand up for the underdog every time. If she sees a situation where she thinks someone is being treated unfairly, she wants to help that person out! 

Lanie is an exceptional student who loves to learn, and she prides herself on her good grades! She enjoys learning about everything, although especially science and animals. She loves animals so much that she hopes to one day become a veterinarian. Lanie describes herself as a big cat person, but she’s also honest that cats wouldn’t be her first choice as a pet. No — that honor would go to piranhas! (But, she’d totally settle for a cat!) She’s very athletic and has played catcher on her softball team and goalie on her soccer team.

Lanie would do well in either a two-parent home or a one-parent home with support so that she always has someone around to give her love and attention. She would do best as the only child, or with other children as long as they’re older and more independent. She hopes for a family that comes with pets she can help take care of (see desired piranha, above). She will thrive in an environment full of love and patience with parents who make an effort to communicate with her and make her feel included. Stability and structure, as well as a consistent routine, are key for Lanie to thrive. 

Lanie has siblings in Indiana with whom she has a strong bond; maintaining that connection is a must. Interested families should be committed to nurturing the sibling bond that they all have. The ideal family will be experienced in trauma-informed parenting, and will be able to demonstrate patience as Lanie adjusts to being in a new environment. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Henry County

Birthday: August 2009

Child ID: 9124C

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