Outgoing with a lovely singing voice

Egypt (8995)

Egypt is a young lady who is sure to make you laugh! She is very intelligent and uses her smarts to keep you engaged in conversation. She is outgoing and has a big personality, she’s not afraid at all of being the center of attention! She has an excellent singing voice and will serenade you if you’re feeling blue if she thinks it will help cheer you up. Egypt is creative and loves to do arts and crafts, just seeing what she can imagine into creation! She is learning to work in the kitchen and enjoys helping with family meals or making snacks. She is NOT a fan of bugs, especially if they’re of the flying variety, so you may have to protect her from those menaces!

Egypt would do best in a two-parent home without other children so she can receive tons of love and attention. She will thrive in a household full of consistency, stability, and a feeling of permanency. She does best with adults who can demonstrate nurturing and caring. Interested parents should be willing to make a commitment to any therapeutic needs Egypt may have in the future. Parents should expect a slow, deliberate transition into a forever home. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (8995DD) Perry County

Perry County

Birthday: 2/4/09

Child ID: 8995

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