Medal-winning track star

Dylan (9295)

Dylan is an intelligent young man who loves sports! His favorite is definitely track and he’s got a room full of medals that are proof of just how good he is! He’s looking forward to joining the high school team when he gets there so he can add to his collection of winnings. Dylan is perceptive and picks up on things quickly — and is likely to make an observation or two about them just as quickly. 

He likes all the typical teenager things, like hanging out with his friends, shooting hoops at the park, or just listening to the latest music. Dylan also loves animals and hopes to someday go to college to become a veterinarian – he’d love to help all the animals he can!

Dylan would do best in a two-parent home and would be happy in a forever home with brothers and sisters. He thrives on stability and routine, and needs parents who will take an interest in the various activities and programs he enjoys. (So get ready to go to some track meets to be his own personal cheering section!) Parents who will make communication a priority are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Hendricks County

Birthday: May 2007

Child ID: 9295

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