Likes all things Star Wars

Dylan (8860)

When Dylan wakes up, he’s a in a good mood! This happy guy likes to play with his army men and Star Wars toys. And take note: Dylan likes everything to do with Star Wars. More of a homebody, Dylan spends time indoors playing video games on the Xbox or on his iPad.

Dylan loves school, and his teachers say he is a joy to have in class. He’s curious and eager to try to learn new things, including how new words to add to his expanding vocabulary!

Dylan would thrive with parents who are patient, and can provide a structured and predictable environment for him. Dylan can be affectionate and loving (he’ll always take a side hug!), and gets along well with other children. Routine is important to Dylan, and he requires constant supervision. While he is doing well in school now, parents will need to continue to advocate for his educational needs, and should expect to support Dylan throughout his life. 

Grant County

Birthday: September 2007

Child ID: 8860

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