Smart, tenacious, fun...and loves crocheting

Donald (9037)

If you ask Donald to describe himself in four words you’ll get: “intelligent, fun, nice, and smart.” His current placement agrees saying he’s smart, tenacious, and outspoken. He does well in school when he has someone to give him a little push. He loves math and science — and you can usually find him watching YouTube videos all about science or different crafts! Donald’s appreciation of crafts runs deep. He’s started learning how to crotchet and even though it’s hard, he hasn’t given up! He’s even begun learning all about how his current placement’s loom works. He’s been lucky enough to get to travel recently and has even seen the beach a few times, which he loved!

Donald would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home, and he would love to have brothers or sisters who are his age or a little older so they could hang out. He enjoys all kinds of animals and would be thrilled with a forever family that came with dogs, cats, or even hamsters.

He prefers a family that is calm, with no yelling, and that likes to do activities together like going to the movies or playing games. He will thrive with a family that makes education a priority and encourages him to do his best in school. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9037) Hamilton County

Hamilton County

Birthday: April 2008

Child ID: 9037

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