Smart, tenacious, fun teen

Donald (9037)

If you ask Donny to describe himself, he’ll say “fun, nice, and smart.” His current foster parents agree, saying he’s smart, tenacious, and comical. He does well in school when he has someone to give him a little push. He’s great at math and really likes science – both give him lots of opportunities to learn new things. Donny’s a persistent teen, and isn’t keen on giving up – so once he puts his mind to something, you can expect him to follow through. One thing you can be certain he’ll persist at: cooking! Pancakes are his specialty, but as his GAL/CASA notes, he can grill a mean burger too! 

Donald would do well in either a one- or two-parent home, and he would love to have brothers or sisters who are his age or a little older so they could hang out. He enjoys all kinds of animals and would be thrilled if his forever family came with dogs, cats, or even hamsters. He’s protective and loving toward the people and pets he cares about.

Donny will thrive with parents who are good at communicating – calmly! – and structured without being too rigid. He’d appreciate a family that likes to do things together, like going to the movies or playing games. He’s been known to play some football, and would be delighted to have someone in the stands cheering him on. Parents who can make education a priority and encourage him to do his best in school would be ideal. Everyone who has met him agrees: Donny really deserves a family to love him unconditionally. 

Hamilton County

Birthday: April 2008

Child ID: 9037

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