Energetic kid happy to be in your life

Dominic (8989)

If you know Dominic, you know you got to keep up! This kid has endless stores of energy, which he likes to spend playing sports. Dominic says his biggest strength is he’s athletic, and he notes his friends would call him nice and funny.

He has a variety of interest, most notably loving science and listening to Rock-N-Roll. When he isn’t studying at school he likes watching Marvel movies, playing basketball, and sports video games. Basketball is his favorite sport, so it’s no surprise Dominic’s dream is to play in the NBA. But in the moment, his biggest wish is to go to Las Vegas with his best friend and hunt down his favorite meals of pizza, chicken alfredo, and fried shrimp!

Dominic would do well in a family where he can be the only child. If there are other children, it would be better if they were older or more independent than Dominic. He would do best in with parents who can give him plenty of one-on-one attention. Dominic needs a family that will remain committed and love him unconditionally. He’ll test boundaries to see if he can trust a family to love him and keep him safe. Because of this, Dominic needs parents who are calm and see him for his strengths, not his behaviors. Interested families should understand the impact trauma has on children. Education should be made a priority as Dominic tries his best in school and wants to succeed. Reliability and support are paramount and he will thrive with proper guidance and love. Once he’s adopted, what Dominic wants parents to know is how happy it would make him to be in their lives.

Allen County

Birthday: 12/12/09

Child ID: 8989

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