Loves hamburgers and Matchbox cars

Dillion (8720)

Dillion is a bit shy when you first meet him. However, he can be a very sweet and loving boy. For fun, Dillion enjoys playing with toy cars, trucks, and trains! He collects Matchbox cars. He could play with his toy cars for hours by himself. When he’s outside, Dillion likes to ride his bike. Hamburgers are his favorite food, and he likes to drink red Kool-Aid.

Dillion would do best in a two-parent home where he can be the youngest or only child. Dillion needs a family that is patient and can offer him positive, one-on-one attention. It is important for Dillion that an adoptive family can advocate for his emotional, medical, and educational needs. (8720DD) Vanderburgh County

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: 2/8/11

Child ID: 8720

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