Loves hamburgers and Matchbox cars

Dillion (8720)

Dillion is just a happy-go-lucky guy! This active boy can be very sweet and loving, and for fun, like playing video games and shooting hoops! But he’s not content to just stand around, Dillion likes to ride his bike, too! He’s excited about the upcoming school year, and in particular, his reading class. If you ask nicely, Dillion may recite the words to “Old Town Road.” BBQ is his favorite food, and he likes to pair a good meal with red Kool-Aid. If he sees a cool car going down the street, Dillion wants to talk about it! He’s all about hot rods and racecars.

Dillion needs a committed family that is patient, and can offer him positive, one-on-one attention and supervision. Parents should be invested in helping him develop his social skills. For Dillion to thrive, it’s key that an adoptive family has experience or is educated on parenting children who have experienced trauma. Dillion would do best in a two-parent home where he can be the youngest or only child. It is important for Dillion that an adoptive family can advocate for his emotional, medical, and educational needs. 

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: 2/8/11

Child ID: 8720

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