Resilient and kind, with a big personality

Devonte (8396)

Devonte is sweet, curious, honest, and a lot of fun! His mentor describes him as a “happy-go-lucky kid.” He loves to talk about basketball, video games, and whatever makes him laugh! He loves the NBA (especially the Golden State Warriors). If he could have three wishes, he would ask for Steph Curry shoes, to be as good at basketball as Steph Curry, and to have a loving, adoptive home. He says his favorite thing about himself is his athleticism. Devonte is resilient and sweet, and he likes to make others proud. Devonte will tell you, “I’m a good kid!”

Devonte needs a family that can coach him through times of stress and anxiety. He does well when he can stay busy with structured activities, such as playing on a basketball team. A family that would be best for him would be a two-parent, African-American home that can provide stability, unconditional love, and affection. Devonte needs a nurturing family that will support and encourage him, as well as maintain firm boundaries. Devonte hopes to have “a good family” that can offer one-on-one attention. He wants a family that will go out to eat, go to Pacers games, or go to the park as a family.


Marion County

Birthday: January 2005

Child ID: 8396

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